Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Huntington Harbour Athletic Club is proud to include these talented instuctors as a part of the team. Please visit the Class Schedule page for a complete list of class times for the month.

Owner / Personal Trainer / Power Sculpt

“What is your health worth?” Pamela Ray, a true warrior for fitness, gets right to the point.

“What is your health worth, and what are you willing to do to be healthy?” She asks. “Getting healthy and staying fit isn’t easy, but when you invest in yourself that’s when you get the greatest return.”…


Yoga trainer Sacha demonstrates posture

Hatha Yoga

Sacha de Nijs is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor that has been dedicated…


Since 1985, Linda has had the pleasure of helping others achieve their goals in fitness.  As a …


“I am passionate about everyone’s safety as well as them becoming the best version of …


“Being born and raised in south Texas, I have always loved the outdoors and exercising.  Being…


Mark is a high-energy motivated Indoor Cycling Instructor bringing fun and engagement to …

Stretch and Balance

Steve Reece holds a prestigious degree in exercise physiology and specializes in “Mature Muscle”…



Neelam is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. While her practice of yoga started at a young age, she…

Personal Trainer

“I love helping people get healthy, strong, and fit. I do that by teaching women and men how to safely…

Joe Marino

Personal Trainer


Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist